The Bluebook CSI Suite of reports provide lenders, investors and property owners the advantage of an up front property valuation in just minutes.

These reports include property data pertaining to value, overall market, structure value, potential repair impact, comparable sold and listed properties, current rental market and investor decisioning metrics. Reports can be generated 100% automatically or enhanced with minimal user input.

  • CSI Value (1 report)The CSI Value gives you the estimated property value, confidence score and a short list of latest sold and listing comps.
  • CSI Suite (6 reports)This package contains a Summary report, Structure Assessment report, Marketability report, Comparable Sales and Listings reports and a Rental Market report.
  • CSI Suite + Decisioning (7 reports)This contains all the reports from the CSI Suite plus adds a decisioning report with advanced investor-type metrics.

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The CSI Reports utilize methodology already built into the Bluebook CVA Platform in use today by Appraisers, Inspectors and Real Estate Agents for on-site professional valuations. Using the same methodology, our CSI Reports produce winning outcomes for Banks, Lenders and Investors before the need for an on-site Appraisal or Inspection. Our CSI Reports contain distinct advantages over current products on the market today.

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