Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription - How it Works and What it Costs

  • What's my total cost annually? It costs $299 a year to use the system. That's $299 a year whether you have 50 properties or 100. It's a subscription that is less than the price of buying 2 fancy coffees each week.
  • What about homeowners I transferred a property to last year? Nope! As long as you maintain your subscription, any homeowner you have transferred a property to will continue to see your contact / marketing information at no additional cost. There is no recurring cost for homeowners you have transferred a property—regardless of the number of properties you have transferred; they're all covered by your annual subscription.
  • Does my subscription allow me to use bluehammer on my personal property? Yes, you can set up your own property even without subscribing.
  • What happens if a homeowner already has a bluehammer property? If you encounter this you need to be quicker! Either they already signed up for bluehammer on their own or were given one via another professional. It's a good idea to get as many homeowners in your area signed up before other professionals connect with them. The subscription price is low, the benefit high—that leads to professionals aggressively getting properties under their banner.
  • What happens when I unsubscribe from bluehammer's program? Poof! your marketing / contact information disappears from all the homeowners you transferred properties to. They still get to use bluehammer, just don't get to see your smiling face every time they do.
  • What happens if my subscription lapses and I didn't intend to unsubscribe? Same Poof! The subscription price is low, we will send you reminders if your credit card is to be expiring… but ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure your subscription doesn't lapse.
  • What if I need to change my contact/marketing information? You can change you contact/marketing information at any time. It will automatically update everywhere it is used.
  • Can I use bluehammer for a rental client? Absolutely, if they have an address you can set them up. Renters have many of the same needs for bluehammer as homeowners—minor repair estimating; home inventory (particularly important for renter's insurance) and service provider referrals. Renters can benefit from your periodic emailers of key articles as well; someday they may be your home buyer and should be treated as viable prospects

Marketing Resources

  • Does my subscription give me access to the Marketing Resources, even if I haven't used the property tools on a specific property? Yes!
  • Will my contact info show up when I share an article on Facebook, Twitter or directly via email? Yes! That's the strength of the bluehammer social media marketing program. You don't need to be a writer to send out great articles to your contact list.

Home Inventory

  • Why is the home inventory included with bluehammer? Nobody likes having to fill out an inventory—doing so separates those who do the extra work from those who don't. Your homeowner will be very happy if you give them a bluehammer account with all their key appliances and fixtures (stove, air conditioner, heating unit, garage door opener, dishwasher, etc.). They will have key data for their insurance coverage review.

    They will have cloud access to major appliance and fixture serial numbers or other identifiers that can greatly simplify the homeowner's life when a replacement part or repair is needed. You never know when you will need a complete listing of your home's personal property—and when you do need it is usually after an emergency and developing a credible listing may be impossible due to loss. Set it and forget it—only update when changes are made; so easy.