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Connect With Homeowners,
Increase Engagement,
Build Your Business

bluehammer for Real estate Agents provides sales and marketing tools, plus the knowledge of how to use them for an unbelievably low price. Try it on your home for FREE.

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Real Estate is all about relationships,
bluehammer for Real Estate Agents is built to grow them.

bluehammer puts you in front of homeowners, providing you marketing tools and the knowledge of how to use them to grow your business. See how bluehammer’s personalized content marketing and homeowner sales tools can help grow your Real Estate business.

Real Estate Agents are using bluehammer to...


Grow Their Client Base:Homeowners are using bluehammer for their home improvement needs. We help get your contact information in front of them.


Stay Engaged: Your clients and prospects are online. We provide branded articles for you to engage and keep the communication ongoing.


Increase Their Expertise: We give you the ability to provide estimated home improvement costs as well as other tools to help you educate your clients.


Boost Referrals: The relationship doesn’t stop at the sale. We provide a digital welcome kit that helps you stay in front of your clients year round, automatically.

What's included in your bluehammer subscription


Branded Articles: Increase Your Reach and Go Viral!

Engage your social media and mailing lists by providing valuable content that includes your contact information prominently displayed. We provide the knowledge and the tools.

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Your prospective clients are online and you should be talking to them

Using social media (and email) channels to nurture and grow your business is a requirement in today’s competitive real estate landscape. The key to a solid online presence is to continually share content that provides value to your followers, keeps the conversation going and sparks action. The more you keep the conversation going, the more likely you are going to connect with a homeowner that is ready for your services. Don’t make the common mistake of only posting open house or listing information. While valuable, not everyone is in need of that information.

Type of content you should provide to encourage communication
  • Topics that relate to homeowners in general
  • Topics that are informational and provide value
  • Topics that make their life easier
  • Topics that range from home improvement projects to simple life hacks
We understand, you’re not a writer and don’t have the time

You could find articles online to share, but then you’re just sending them to someone else’s site and not closing the loop. What if you could send them quality content that also includes your contact information? You can in 3 easy steps with bluehammer.

  • 1. Find a bluehammer article you want to share and click the icon to get your personalized link.
  • 2. Share the link with your social media followers or include it in your email newsletter.
  • 3. That’s it! Everyone that clicks to read that article will also see your contact information prominently displayed and as it is shared so are you.
We'll help you every step of the way

When you subscribe to bluehammer, you are provided with informational articles and walk through’s about how to best use bluehammer's branded content articles to grow your client base.


Property Tools: Add Expertise and Value To Your Service

Provide kitchen remodel and other estimated home improvement project costs for any property with bluehammer's home improvement calculator. Help your clients gauge their homeowners insurance by providing them their estimated replacement cost.

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Property Specific Tools That Help You Increase Your Offering and Expertise

We have designed bluehammer so that you can create properties and use the tools to help you provide knowledge and value during the sale. These tools can be accessed while on site or in the office and help you provide value that other Agents can't match.

The Home Improvement Calculator

The bluehammer home improvement calculator makes it easy to provide estimated home improvement project costs for your clients. With just a few clicks you can provide an estimated cost for an entire kitchen remodel while you are showing a property. The home improvement calculator is a great way to provide the total cost of home ownership while engaging your client. Features of the bluehammer home improvement calculator are:

  • Common full project costs in just a few clicks
  • A la cart line item costs for smaller repairs
  • No cost ranges, costs are specific to the ZIP code and project
  • We also include DIY costs for each project
  • Save the estimate as a PDF or provide your client with a link to the report
The Homeowners Insurance Report

You have the ability to run a homeowner insurance report for your clients property. This report will give you the estimated replacement cost, helpful for gauging your client's homeowners insurance needs.

The Home Inventory Tool

The home inventory tool allows you to enter information for items that come with the property. You can provide a quick, easy to understand list of all appliances that come with the property for your client to reference.

The Service Providers Tool

Have painters, plumbers or other service providers you commonly refer? Input them into the service provider tool for that property. When you transfer that property to your client, they will have everyone's information in one easy to retrieve place.


Agent Ads: Get Seen by Homeowners in Your Area

Don't pay for cold leads. We increase your exposure and reach by displaying your contact information in front of local homeowners that are using bluehammer.

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Increase Your Reach: Traditional Advertising Included

Homeowners across the United States are using bluehammer to estimate their home improvement costs and learn more about their home. Included in your subscription to bluehammer is the ability to input which ZIP Codes you serve. When homeowners in your service area are using bluehammer, your contact information is displayed*.

* The frequency your ad displays is dependent on many factors including but not limited to amount of homeowners in your service area and number of Agents using bluehammer in your area.


bluehammer Properties: The Ultimate Digital Welcome Kit

The relationship doesn’t stop at the sale. Set up and transfer a bluehammer property to your client, including all estimates, reports, appliance information and service providers you have entered. Everytime they use bluehammer for their home, they see your contact information. We help you stay in front of your clients year round, automatically.

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You can transfer any property you create to your clients at any time.

The process is simple, you generate and give them a free signup link. When they sign up, they gain access to that property, including everything below you created using the bluehammer property tools:

  • All home improvement estimates
  • Appliance and other home inventory information
  • Home reports
  • Service provider information

Now they get to use bluehammer for all their future home improvement needs courtesy of you. All included in your subscription at no further cost.

We help keep your contact information in front of your client year-round automatically.

For introducing your client to bluehammer, your contact information displays on that homeowner's dashboard in the form of a large ad everytime they use bluehammer. Since it's your client, we won't show them any other Real Estate Agents in their area.

We encourage engagement for you.

To increase engagement, we send your client newsletter emails containing helpful home improvement and how-to articles. These emails also contain your contact / marketing information as a reminder that you introduced them to bluehammer increasing your exposure.

Use bluehammer properties as a prospecting offer

It doesn't have to be after the sale. Offer to set up and give prospective clients a bluehammer property as a way of engagement.


Industry Insights:

We provide industry insights that make a difference in the career of Real Estate Agent professionals helping them learn about the real estate industry with a focus on technology.